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Life After TAASC

Hey all you TAASC Graduates!!!!
Hope all of you are doing great things out there in the real world. The TAASC programs are still going strong!
We are going to try and create a new category on the website entitled, ” Past Expeditions.” This will be one heck of a trip down memory lane because the big trips were some of the most incredible adventures of our lifetime! Stay tuned. We will let you know each time a new trip is added.
Please send in a write-up, as long or as short as you want, telling us about your life after you graduated from TAASC. This will serve as a model for current families to read stories of the TAASC Graduates and inspire the current members to be really active.
Thanks! Enjoy the memories and reconnections!

Mike Fischesser


“Providing Remarkable Life Experiences”