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What ages is TAASC designed for?
The American Adventure Service Corps is designed for children ages 8 through 18, with a majority of high school graduates, in college, continuing their involvement through age 22.

Is TAASC co-ed? Yes

Is TAASC non-discriminatory?
Of course! Membership is open to any youth member and family who are committed to being active.

Is there a TAASC program in my area?
The American Adventure Service Corps is committed to growing and making its program available to children through the United States. To find out if there is a program in your area, contact the TAASC national office.

How do youth members join?
First, there must be a TAASC program in your area. Contact the national office and we will put you in touch with the program director if there is one in your community.

Is it safe?
The programs are supervised by some of the finest and most experienced professional, outdoor educators in America, most have extensive experience working for Outward Bound. There is risk in participation in adventurous activities, but state-of-the-art equipment, safety policies, staff and training, results in activities that are much safer than high school sports such as soccer.

What equipment do I need?
TAASC supplies all the necessary outdoor gear such as kayaks, canoes, backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, etc. Members need to provide their own personal boots and clothes (financial assistance is available for personal clothing). Many members get so turned on to the outdoor skills that they slowly begin to acquire some of their own equipment.

How often does TAASC meet?
There are weekly TAASC meetings for the different age groups and service projects, trips, and committee meetings going on at various other times during the week and weekends.

What if my son or daughter wants to join but they are involved in numerous other extra-curricular activities?
We have found that to be an active and committed TAASC member, a young person should maybe only be involved in one or two other activities (outside of school) in addition to TAASC. Doing two sports and TAASC is often too much. Questionnaires to TAASC members indicate that in their opinion TAASC has been more valuable to their lives than sports or other youth programs because of the high levels of adventure, service and fun.

Is TAASC associated with a religious movement, service group or other youth organization?
No. TAASC is an independent, non-profit incorporation.

Can parents go on trips?
Yes, in most cases. We have a good deal of positive parent participation on the age 8 to 12 years old activities. Some of the more eager and active parents come along on the older kid trips. We love family involvement, but there comes a time when the older kids need to develop on their own and do some activities without their parents along.