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We’re Different

How Is TAASC Different From Other Youth Programs?

There are many great programs available to youth in America today. TAASC aims to fill a gap and attract young people (ages 8 to 18) that might not otherwise be involved in other available programs. The key is retention. Youth must consider the program “cool” and be proud of it if they are to benefit after many years of membership. TAASC accomplishes this with the following objectives:

  • Membership is co-ed and open to anyone who is committed to be active.
  • The adventure and service activities are very real and often quite dramatic, which accelerates life lessons.
  • Paid professional outdoor educators with many years of experience conduct the programs.
  • There is a lot of family involvement.
  • Kids really feel like they belong to something worthwhile. Their meeting place is like the best “clubhouse” they could ever imagine.
  • A series of progressive challenges over the years keeps them involved.

How many organizations would offer educational and service experiences like these?

  • regular canoe expeditions near the Arctic Circle
  • teaching rockclimbing and kayaking to folks with disabilities
  • summer mountaineering trips to the Wind River Range in Wyoming and the Sierras of California
  • assisted with four major flood disaster relief efforts
  • extended canoe expeditions from the Appalachians to the Atlantic raising funds for other causes
  • conducted a 75,000 foot climb-a-thon to save a wilderness area from development

To combine all the above types of experiences into one program is unbelievable. Today’s youth absolutely need what TAASC has to offer. With your help TAASC can go far towards “Building Future Leaders for Tomorrow’s Communities.”