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Awards and Recognitions

Winter Mountaineering

Young people need regular recognition throughout their value-forming, developmental years to feel that they are special and important in their own eyes and the eyes of parents, role models, and peers. Recognition and taking pride from well-earned accomplishments help to foster healthy self-esteem. When people feel good about themselves and take pride that they are “doing the right thing” in their lives, it has a positive effect on school, relationships, family, serving others, fitness of mind and body and the development of proper values.

The American Adventure Service Corps seeks to applaud members on an ongoing basis with awards, recognition, and opportunities to accomplish feats they never imagined.

Recognition dinners are total family gatherings where recent activities are reviewed by slide, video and oral storytelling. Members receive notoriety as they are presented awards in front of their community of family, friends, and relatives. Some of the many numerous opportunities for recognition include Wilderness First Aid course, Water Safety course, learning to juggle, walk a slack wire, 50-mile backpack trips, new members, one-year members, graduate’s dinner, longer expeditions of hundreds of miles, special climbing and rope ascending events, the annual most active member award, service, learning to roll a kayak, and more.

The prestigious Ultimate TAASC Award requires a minimum of three years of very active participation in all adventure and service activities and is bestowed to only the most committed members. It is a creative, interactive award, where the member gradually pieces together a rock climbing belay anchor on their own large, personal framed plaque.