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Lending a Hand

Each American Adventure Service Corps unit is divided into four divisions. Little Scouting Outward focuses on 8 to 12-year-old kids and meets one hour weekly. Little Scouting Outward averages at least one weekend trip per month. At age 13, Little Scouting Outward members become Junior American Adventure Service Corps members.

The Juniors and Seniors (ages 13-18) typically meet together for two hours weekly. The youth members take turns conducting the meetings and the program director is responsible for the programs. Programs may consist of a guest speaker, or working with climbers with disabilities, or planning an upcoming trip or service project, or development of skills necessary for future trips. Juniors and Seniors often help lead Little Scouting Outward trips. Juniors and Seniors have four to six days of trip and service opportunities available monthly.

Graduates are American Adventure Service Corps members who have graduated from high school and are usually in college. they often participate in meetings and trips when in town. More advanced expedition opportunities are available to them in the summers. They no longer pay dues, but they receive newsletter mailings. The graduates are valuable assets to summer camps, college outing clubs and Outward Bound schools.

As in many aspects of life, the most active members will gain the most. There are may special offerings in addition to the regular program. Throughout the year kayak rolling clinics, special service projects, being leader-for-the-day on trips, serving as a project coordinator, water safety, first aid, winter mountaineering, advanced rock climbing and rescue skills, are offered.

Longer adventures in the summer to places like the Wind River Range of Wyoming, the Grand Tetons in Wyoming and Idaho, Yosemite and the Sierras of California and Canadian Arctic rivers and mountains typically take the place of the weekly meetings.