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We had a great weekend of cold weather camping, bouldering and movies!
We tested the new Fortress bivy sacks while we cooked supper. I made the Fortresses for the 2014 TAASC Ragged Range Expedition and we tested them on the 2013 Mt. Nirvana-Ragged Range Expedition. These sacks, made from Tyvek, make winter camping enjoyable. Meal times, when people are sitting still, is typically when they get cold. The Fortress allows them to cook while being in a wind proof, cozy cocoon. Cooking inside it is possible, but it gets too steamy, but by sitting in the entrance, a person can cook with the stove on the ground and be fairly sheltered. 
     Everyone was really warm Saturday night even though the low temp was 14 with high winds. Connor, Jacob and Davis  wanted more of a winter challenge, so they bivied in the exposed upper treehouse, 60 feet above ground with awesome views into Linville Gorge. They were warm also.
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