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Mike’s Back!!!

We helicoptered out of the eastern sanctuary of Mt. Nirvana by the skin of our teeth! The weather was challenging, cold drizzle interspersed with beautiful, sunny days and snow. The helicopter pilot got all nine of us out, with gear, in 4 trips as the clouds swirled in and out of the valleys, making flying tricky.

We had a magnificent trip exploring the nearby valleys and cirques and all agreed that this was one of the most spectacular places any of us had ever seen. The feeling of true wilderness, where no human has ever been, was a huge factor.

The highlight was TAASC graduates, Isaac Hoff, Joey Thomas and Bryan Haslam, making the 5th ascent of Mt. Nirvana, the highest peak in the Northwest Territories. They climbed the mountain in 44 hours round trip from basecamp. Conditions were tough with lots of wet, cold water running on the rock pitches. They reached the summit at 8:00 PM on August 29, and we were able to photograph them waving. They then proceeded to rappel down all night arriving at their bivy site in the morning.

We look forward to getting back to North Carolina and enjoying some warmer weather!

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