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Congaree Swamp Trip

Well, do you remember the Humphrey Bogart movie, the African Queen? The past two days have been challenging with bugs, fallen trees, mud, passing fully loaded canoes through trees across Cedar Creek and lots of gigantic snakes.
Congaree River 1
Nineteen TAASC kids and parents slugged it out thru Congaree National Park until 10pm last night then busted out onto the mighty Congaree River! Whew! Everyone loved the beauty of the swamp, giant cypress and tupelo trees, thousands of cypress knees and the twisty- turny nature of the small, creek, never knowing what we are going to see around each bend, BUT a huge cheer rose from the group when we reached the Congaree late last night. We had to paddle til 1:00 am Congaree River 3under a nice moon sans headlamps until we finally found a place to set up camp. Everyone was in good spirits for the most part during the ordeal. High spirits this morning!
No sunburn, but definitely some bug bites. One of the highlights was the massive, friendly rat snake that everyone enjoyed having their photo with.
Three more campsites until we take out on Saturday, then onwards to a well deserved beach trip!
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