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Winter Mountaineering in Roaring Creek Valley

We had an incredible snow camping trip this past weekend! We snow shoed into the Roaring Creek Valley Friday night, pitched camp on 12”+ snow and finally crawled into our warm bags at 1 a.m.!

The goal of the trip was to be comfortable and warm at ALL times and everyone did an outstanding job of doing so. Everyone learned a lot about the art of cold weather camping. Everyone wore our Mouse Boots, so we didn’t have to ever worry about cold toes or frostbite even though the nights were
down to 20 degrees F.

On Saturday some folks played on Jacob’s snowboard and Jo and Will built a Quincy snow shelter (like an igloo). We had snow saws and snow shovels. Alyssa pulled Mike’s Mt. McKinley expedition sled, which kept the weight off her bad shoulder.

In the afternoon we snow shoed up to the summit of Little Hump Mountain which was even more of a winter wonderland with 360-degree views.

After supper Saturday night we lay (lie lay lain!!!) (lay laid laid!!!) out on our foam pads and watched the stars for hours.

On Sunday we broke camp and snow shoed 1.5 miles back to the bus and were back to the gym by 1:30 p.m.

All in all it was a magical snow journey. Everyone had a ball and stayed comfortable at all times and are eager to further develop their winter mountaineering skills!

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