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Stone Mountain “Goat Hole” Explored

We had a great time at Stone Mountain on Saturday. A large group of Youngers turned out with a handful of Olders to help. Molly Franklin, Heather Duffy and Will Wilson did an outstanding job of guiding the Youngers through some exciting rope-work experiences.

The Youngers traveled down a 350-foot rope with two prusiks, transferred to another 350 and climbed back up Stone Mountain. It was a great taste of the exposure of the 930-foot rappel. Some of the Younger members prusiked all the way down to the mysterious “goat hole” at 530 feet from the top. Mysterious because for decades the locals wondered where the wild goats would disappear into on the face of Stone Mountain. It was a depression, often containing some cool pools of water, where the goats would go to get a drink.

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