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We’re Different

How Is TAASC Dif­fer­ent From Other Youth Programs?

There are many great pro­grams avail­able to youth in Amer­ica today. TAASC aims to fill a gap and attract young peo­ple (ages 8 to 18) that might not oth­er­wise be involved in other avail­able pro­grams. The key is reten­tion. Youth must con­sider the pro­gram “cool” and be proud of it if they are to ben­e­fit after many years of mem­ber­ship. TAASC accom­plishes this with the fol­low­ing objectives:

  • Mem­ber­ship is co-​​ed and open to any­one who is com­mit­ted to be active.
  • The adven­ture and ser­vice activ­i­ties are very real and often quite dra­matic, which accel­er­ates life lessons.
  • Paid pro­fes­sional out­door edu­ca­tors with many years of expe­ri­ence con­duct the programs.
  • There is a lot of fam­ily involvement.
  • Kids really feel like they belong to some­thing worth­while. Their meet­ing place is like the best “club­house” they could ever imagine.
  • A series of pro­gres­sive chal­lenges over the years keeps them involved.

How many orga­ni­za­tions would offer edu­ca­tional and ser­vice expe­ri­ences like these?

  • reg­u­lar canoe expe­di­tions near the Arc­tic Circle
  • teach­ing rock­climb­ing and kayak­ing to folks with disabilities
  • sum­mer moun­taineer­ing trips to the Wind River Range in Wyoming and the Sier­ras of California
  • assisted with four major flood dis­as­ter relief efforts
  • extended canoe expe­di­tions from the Appalachi­ans to the Atlantic rais­ing funds for other causes
  • con­ducted a 75,000 foot climb-​​a-​​thon to save a wilder­ness area from development

To com­bine all the above types of expe­ri­ences into one pro­gram is unbe­liev­able. Today’s youth absolutely need what TAASC has to offer. With your help TAASC can go far towards “Build­ing Future Lead­ers for Tomorrow’s Communities.”