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First Climbing Trip for Newest Youngers

The first, official climbing trip for the new generation of Youngers was a hoot, literally!

The Saturday/Sunday trip arrived at my cabin on the edge of Linville Gorge where the Mentors and Trip Leaders taught the Youngers how to select and pitch camp in the woods. Then Nina gave a wildlife talk that included saw whet owls, barred owls, a great horned owl, flying squirrels and a bobcat.

The rest of the day was spent on a long, four-hour loop hike in the gorge that included an old, moonshiner’s still, a bear wallowing hole and lots of other interesting things. After cooking dinner it was dark and pretty cold, so everyone turned in early.

After breakfast on Sunday we hiked to Amelia’s Cave (the site where Amelia Clark spent her three-day solo). Then back to the gym and a hilarious and very wet bus washing. It was a great trip and everyone is looking forward to the next one in November. Big thanks to the trip leaders and mentors for a good job!

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Collecting Old Glass Soda Bottles

The weather was pretty cold and windy in the mountains on Sunday, so we decided it was too cold to climb and we went to Short Off Mountain instead to retrieve a huge pile of old 1960s era glass soda bottles.

We hiked to the top, stashed our climbing gear (in case the weather changed) and continued north for another two miles. It was a perfect day for a hike – cold, windy and sunny with tremendous views of Linville Gorge and Lake James. The pond was full on top of the mountain!

We had seen the pile of bottles on one of the gorge hikes last year and had vowed to return. It was nice to check that small service project off our list. Apparently, there was quite a hunting camp on the north end of Short Off back in the 1960s when a four-wheel drive vehicle could work its way up from Wolf Pit Road and travel along the top. We ended the day back at the bus at about 5 p.m.

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Big Sweep on Wilson Creek

Well, we had another weekend of great activity. On Saturday, about 30 TAASC people turned out to help with the Big Sweep. Luckily Wilson Creek (No kin to Will Wilson!) wasn’t as trashy as past years, but the teams still managed to collect a pickup truck full of garbage.

Then on Sunday we went climbing on the North Ridge of Table Rock and a cool, secret area called “Dragon’s Lair.”

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